About the return of funds to users after hacking

Senior Ethereum developers call for a public discussion about what steps should be taken at the software level to recover funds lost due to professional hacker attacks and incidents.

At the bi-weekly regular meeting that was held on Friday, the developers took the side of the controversial proposal to improve the Ethereum EIP 867 protocol, which supports the return of funds to potential victims.

The developer of the Ethereum Vlad Zamfir told the participants:

“These proposals, which will influence the relations between the community and the platform, I think, should be discussed in the course of the public debate, for which, it seems to me, the corporate information portal has just been developed.”

Community Manager Hudson Jameson agreed with this and expressed his confidence that such a discussion should be held in a broad social environment.

Also, independent developer Alexey Akhunov offered to conduct an online video discussion for developers.

Some, however, met this idea with restraint.

The developer Piper Merriam warned that a lively discussion could turn into a “politically motivated event”, stating that the debate should remain in writing. Otherwise, it’s just populism.

EIP 867 is run by developer Dan Feifer of Musiconomi, a start-up that lost a significant amount of air when the Parity fund was frozen last year.

No further action on the proposal is likely to be taken until the process of changing the Ethereum code described in EIP-1 is clarified.


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