The easiest and cheap way to purchase and output of cryptocurrency

Localbitcoins — one of the easiest and convenient ways of purchase (but not sales) bitcoin. The overpayment begins from 4% (keep in mind that for transfer of the bought bitcoins it will be necessary to pay an additional fee which depends on network loading).

In addition, you can enter Fiat currency on some exchanges supporting payment service providers and buy any of the cryptocurrencies which are available there directly on the market. It works and in the opposite direction. With hardly any trouble at all it is possible to sell the cryptocurrency bought earlier, and then to withdraw money a method convenient to you.

As an example, we will take Exmo where the set of different methods of input and output among which some do not require verification is available. It is more detailed to study the commissions and will study the list of payment service providers it is possible here. So, using EX-CODE and the AdvCash system it is possible to lower the commission to <1% in case of input (if you already use this payment service provider) and to 0% in case of an output. Keep in mind that verification can be required by you and that in payment service providers there are commissions. Features of Exmo: support of a set of methods of input-output. A rather fast operation of support. Idle time both intuitively clear interface and, as a result, the absence of detailed diagrams and special purpose tools of the technical analysis (TA). The existence of a chat.

The commissions at other exchanges supporting Fiat an input/output:
Cex — more advanced interface, an opportunity to trade with a double or triple shoulder. It is not enough coins.
Wex — rather high commissions on input. Rather detailed and flexible hours which can be set up “under itself”. The existence of a chat. Not the most pleasant interface.
Livecoin — the small trading volume concerning the exchanges which are listed above. A huge number of currency pairs. Opportunities for THAT and detailed diagrams.

Primary benefits Fiat of the exchanges before Localbitcoins:
— It is possible to buy practically any cryptocurrency. If at the exchange is not present necessary, you can buy a coin with the cheap transaction (XRP, Waves) and almost free of charge to transfer them to any other exchange.
— You also should not agree with the seller and to buy “privately” (so it works at Localbitcoins).
— Alternative options for input and output Fiat (an opportunity to find the most convenient/cheap method).
— An output directly to a card / in payment service provider.
— An opportunity directly to begin to trade (beginners are not recommended to play on all depositor with a shoulder).

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