The script for the production of digital currencies is found in the Calendar 2 program on Mac

We more than once reported to you about how users found the hidden miners in applications from Google Play shop, however, today issuing of ARS Technica noted that at App Store for Mac there is also a program to which the enterprising developer decided to add the miner.

It is about the application of Calendar 2. The developer implemented in the child the code allowing to get the Monero cryptocurrency. At the same time, the miner joins automatically as an alternative method to pay premium functions, and the process of “digging” of tokens happens in the background.

It is worth marking that the event with Calendar 2 is a milestone event for the shop of digital distribution from Apple also because it is the first case when in one of the local applications the script for mining was found. Besides, moderation of shop quite strict and unchecked a software here not that does not get accustomed but also is not added a priori.

Not to look in the opinion of users the swindler the developer added to a software the function preventing in case of start of an opportunity to mine cryptocurrency in the background in exchange for an additional functionality. It is possible to refuse this feature in settings, or to receive premium access by a standard method, having selected one of the suitable options for payment.

The developer assures that the script was added only as an experiment to give to clients an opportunity to test a new method of receiving premium functions. Unfortunately, finally the miner was not disconnected, despite all efforts of users, and owing to an error the processor of the device was loaded for 100% instead of the promised 10-20%.

Now the program is already deleted from the shop, and the author actively works on updating in which the miner will be remote. He made such decision because quickly it is not possible to fix a bug with loading of the processor.

Will not mention the prohibition of integration of scripts for mining in the official set of rules of Apple shop, however, it is accurately told that applications are obliged not to spend the battery too quickly and not to heat the device, causing thereby overconsumption of its resources.


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