The company of “green” mining aims to reduce energy consumption due to renewable energy

Today the hardware is available for mining in different categories — from the equipment for the general customer to a professional class. But the equipment of any category requires high energy consumption. In Iceland, the volume of the energy used for the production of bitcoin will exceed the volume of the energy spent for consumer needs soon as recently I reported Cointelegraph. Cointed, the largest global manufacturer bitcoin ATMs, aims to lay out a way for more ecological methods of production.

Connections cryptocurrency and real world

Using wind power and waters, the Cointed company became the pioneer of “green production”, having installed the equipment in Austria and Sweden. This equipment for mining is manufactured to order and has optimum cooling that minimizes the need for service (the fans which are usually set in graphics processors were replaced with the cooling plates). Hardware belongs to one client. The company claims that this equipment can work only at renewable energy, without prejudice to operating characteristics. Thus, the Cointed company created a precedent for all other cryptocurrency world and hopes that others will follow its example.

However, Cointed makes not only ATMs (70 ATMs in four European countries) and the equipment for mining. Cointed declares “creation of the bridge between the cryptocurrency and real world”, simplifying the exchange of cryptocurrency for cash for traders. On the website Cointed, it is possible to buy or exchange different cryptocurrencies at much more favourable rates and with the much higher level of safety, than at other providers. In the technical documentation of Cointed, it is told also about payment decisions which can “be built in e-commerce shops”, about cryptocurrency cash cards which can be used as the normal debit cards Visa, and that Cointed “is at the final stage for obtaining the banking license”.

Openness and transparency

The detailed information about development and plans of Cointed is provided in the report on transparency. Clients can find everything in it about a business model and the Cointed command, how operations are separated between the different countries (Hong Kong, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Sweden and many others — all of them play the role). The above-mentioned report was submitted by the principal Cointed command personally: Wolfgang Taler, Christopher Rider, Charlie Akho and Daniil Orlov. All of them worked in the sphere of IT and cryptography many years that shall guarantee the trouble-free functioning of the company and revolutionary development of Cointed in the future.

ICO with a token of Cointed (CTD) lasts a few weeks more (it is closed at the end of February 2018). Eyks Wong and Gerry Ng Chin manage CTD and form one more team with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the sphere of cryptocurrencies, responsible for the correct development of the price of tokens. After ICO, along with the installation of several more ATMs, Cointed plans to submit the application for membership in the MasterCard and Visa systems.

At Cointed already 15 000 active users of the system of exchange of cryptocurrencies. This system is simplest, clear even for the most inexperienced traders and allows to set up the interface depending on preferences of the client.

One more attractive feature of Cointed — the option allowing users to vote for business solutions of the company. All owners of tokens of CTD (regardless of their quantity and cost) with the verified account have the right to vote (on such questions, for example, as the following cryptocurrency for adding on the platform) that undoubtedly promotes democratic character and transparency of the general organization.


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