The authorities of Egypt use capacities of devices of the citizens for production of tokens

The laboratory of a research on the safety of the University of Toronto published the new report in which it is marked that the authorities of Egypt use capacities of computers of the citizens for production of tokens. So far it is unknown whether really the government is involved in these manipulations or behind them, there is a certain organization which captured a local area network for the hidden mining.

The diagram of production is called AdHouse and, according to researchers, it allows malefactors to redirect a traffic of users on a script for cryptocurrency mining of Monero.

For scale application, the equipment installed on a network of the Egyptian operator Telecom Egypt was used and also involved by Coinhive software. However, as well as in the majority of similar cases.

In the report several methods of infection of the user devices – Spray and Trickle were selected. During the first visitors to the website are redirected straight to banners with Coinhive. According to the research group, such approach was used in 95% of cases. The second method includes the field of the action only separately the taken websites, namely, to steam of large religious web resources – and

It is interesting whether the government is going to comment on the current situation?


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