Users should wait for MoneroV fork till April 30

Hardfork quite significant event for this or that cryptocurrency and also its owners. However, sometimes this process can be slightly saddened by difficulties on the side of developers or users. Apparently, creators of Monero also faced them in attempt to launch MoneroV.

According to information on pages of the official blog of the Monero command, date of start is postponed for 6 weeks and it will take place approximately on April 30. Naturally, against the background of the increase in demand for this token and waitings of users on a network, there was a squall of negative comments towards developers.

According to a command, to owners of XMR at all exchanges, a certain quantity of tokens of MoneroV – XMV will be calculated. This process was longer than that was expected by creators, therefore he requires more time for implementation.

However, in a case with MoneroV when the exchanges actively support a fork, and distribution of future coin will be far more scale, than the same Litecoin Cash. The second plus is that the so long preparation can mean big stability after the work of “rupture” of a coin.

Developers warned trustful users not to register in the possible Internet swindles launched and extended under their names as the command never promised carrying out airdrop MoneroV at all. The same concerns also the introduction of secret keys on different websites.


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