It will allow to accelerate noticeably processing of payments and to lower the commissions of operating companies

Ripple developers in this environment reported that Itau Unibanco – the largest bank of Brazil and Latin America on a market capitalization, will test xCurrent from Ripple for the purpose of processing of monetary transactions.

Large-scale Asian banks among which there are Japanese SBI Holdings already involved the xRapid system from Ripple to reduce expenditure for financial. operations. In other words, now execution of payments between banking structures and the organizations happens quicker and cheaper.

In the nearest future, not only Itau Unibanco but also the Singapore InstaReM and also the Indian IndusInd will test Ripple xCurrent for performing payments between suppliers financial. services worldwide.

Ripple developers emphasized that operating companies in the sphere of the translations from Brazil and Canada already use the service xVia representing the decision developed by the Ripple company for execution of payments in their blockchain. The Brazilian company Beetech and the Canadian Zip Remit soon will also test processing financial. operations, having cooperated with the Chinese organizations.

The director of business development of Ripple said that different decisions on the basis of a blockchain have considerable perspective and weight in the sphere of monetary payments and translations, especially for corporate giants. He is sure that the blockchain is capable to simplify noticeably process for those who transfer money from abroad to native lands.

At the moment RippleNet consists of dozens of large-scale operators from the countries of Asia. Only one InstaReM is capable to process more than half a million client transactions in 60 different countries of the world!


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