The bitcoin even more often becomes the form of payment in the most various spheres of business.

One of the largest builders of Ireland the other day expressed the intention to accept bitcoin as payment for the services.

Hagan Homes will become the first in the segment Irish construction company accepting payment in cryptocurrency.

The director of the firm James Hagan trusts in bright future of cryptocurrencies and reads that the bitcoin is a new type of money and an innovative payment method for goods and services:

“Now we watch the amazing growth of popularity of cryptocurrencies around the world — therefore it was decided to follow new trends in the market and to begin to accept payment for our services in bitcoins”.

However the principal of Hagan Homes recognizes that in addition to obvious pluses, the bitcoin has also problems — the principal cryptocurrency very slowly develops …

Nevertheless, the businessman reads that it is better to be on a party a bit earlier than at all to be late …


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