The company BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group Inc found part of the funds stolen from Coincheck on the Canadian stock exchange.

The president of BIG Sean Ensti said that the stolen XEM came on the Vancouver exchange for further exchange for other digital assets and possible sending back to Japan.

BIG refused to light the name of the exchange and quantity of the arrived NEM coins, having marked that totals of the investigation will be transferred police.

Ensti said:

“Attackers are trying to get rid of the stolen until they are blocked by all channels, which are still plenty.”

BIG investigates the case, using public information and its own secret know-how …

Coincheck specialists identified and published eleven addresses, which were stolen by NEM.

Also, a whole tracking system was created, allowing to identify and reject stolen funds.

On March 1 and 2, the most active were 4 addresses from 11 “criminal” – more than 30 million XEM were transferred, while operations were accompanied by incomprehensible comments, such as “This transaction is conducted to determine the bitcoin address of the perpetrator, and not for its own benefit” …


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