Developers urge everyone to join the mass distribution of software

In the international web, the new danger to users hidden under the guise of the cipherer of data – the Data Keeper virus was got. I hurried to tell the Bleeping Computer resource about its features.

The virus is one of “Ransomware-as-a-Service”, otherwise, “extortion as service” as notorious WannaCry. Encoding of files is expedited extremely by means of algorithms RSA-4096 and AES. Then, the software defines and locks access from the device to all general networks, and the user will not even be able timely to think what files were struck harmful soft and what is not present.

Swindlers hurried to declare the child on Darknet’s open spaces, and date of the start was stated on February 12 this year, however, it did not flicker on network open spaces up to the 20th. By February 22 experts in safety issues reported about the first victims which complained of the attack of malefactors.

The most amusing that developers suggest enthusiasts join them, having earned on the massive hacker attacks. For receiving a program code it is enough to send them a preliminary request only. The only condition is the distribution of revenue between the distributor of a virus and its creators. Whether there is a transmission of a software on a paid basis or is not present – it is unknown.

Data Keeper – the third on the scale after Saturn and also GandCrab. The virus in the fact that at using it there is no need to list advance payment in the amount of 30% of the money received by the subscribed swindlers differs from predecessors.

Be vigilant and do not allow not the checked software to get on one of your devices, especially efforts of the third parties having at it access.


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