The Office of Standards, Inspection, and Inspection of the United States comes into play

This year, the main activity of the Office of Standards, Inspections, and Inspections (OCIE) of the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States will be the control of the activities of participants in the markets of Crypto and ICO.

The annual report, indicating the priorities of the activities of the department, notes that in 2018 the structure intends to strictly monitor compliance with legislation, monitor risks, and fight fraud in the financial markets of the United States. The Office intends to give special attention to the issue of providing information to potential investors.

Note that the agency’s press release was published the day after visiting the well-known hearings of the banking committee of the US Senate by the Chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission Jay Clayton, on which he spoke about the dynamics of the development of the crypto-currency market and the prospects for legislative regulation of this area.

According to the director of OCIE, Pete Driskol, due to the constant development of the market and the emergence of new products and services for investors, the agency needs to develop a risk management program that protects the interests of retail investors and investigate the aspects of investment companies that pose the greatest risks to investment, and also ensure the proper functioning of the capital market.

In addition, Driscoll noted that OCIE will continue monitoring companies and individuals involved in the sale and marketing of ICO.

Other priorities for the Office of Standards, Inspections, and Inspections (OCIE) in 2018 are anti-money laundering, cyber security, regulatory compliance and market infrastructure risks.


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