The state of Connecticut introduced a bill that raises the fee for crypto-currency transactions

The Connecticut legislator introduced a bill requiring the introduction of additional fees for transactions with crypto-currencies.

Bill 5001, submitted by the legislator Patricia Dillon, suggests “to amend the general provisions for setting fees for the transfer or trade in digital currency.”

However, the text of the proposal does not deal with details of the amount or type of payments that will be levied for transactions with cryptocurrency, or about the benefits that this may have for the state.

The proposed bill is part of an increasing package of laws aimed at regulating crypto-currencies, but whether the government will impose additional charges is still unknown.

At the same time, a member of the Council of the European Central Bank recently offered to demand from people who deal with crypto-currencies in the EU to pay value-added tax (VAT) – this practice is already applied in Australia.

And in other cases of use, US lawmakers are increasingly seeking to legitimize the potential benefits of crypto and blockchain.

The new bill, submitted to the House of Representatives of Florida in January, seeks to legitimize the blockchain and smart contracts. This measure introduces provisions stating that blockchain and smart contracts should be considered as legally binding means for recording data if the existing laws and regulations are not violated in this process.

And last month a bill submitted to the Arizona Senate, if adopted, will allow people to pay taxes using bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. The bill advocates the use of a “payment gateway”, such as bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, in order to pay taxes, interest, and penalties to the state treasury.


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