In general, during the year 706 ICO were conducted in the world, according to which their organizers attracted about $ 5 billion from crypto-currency investors.

The rating was based on information received from such resources as,, and

TOP-10 ICO Fundraising

Hdac (infrastructure): $ 258 million

Filecoin (database): $ 257 million

Tezos (infrastructure): $ 232.32 million

EOS Stage 1 (infrastructure): $ 230 million

Sirin Labs (infrastructure): $ 157.90 million

Bancor (infrastructure): $ 153 million

Polkadot (infrastructure): $ 144.3 million

QASH (trade and investment): $ 108.20 million

Status (infrastructure): $ 107.60 million

Comsa (trade and investment): $ 95.60 million

The best indicators in the past year were achieved in infrastructure projects. They accounted for 7 of the 10 largest ICOs. This indicates that the industry is in high demand among crypto-currency investors.

In sum, the funds raised by the 10 largest ICO during 2017 are $ 1,743,920,000.


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