Onion.top collected transactions for $ 22 thousand

The crypto-currency industry is simply a paradise for various kinds of extortionists because of the anonymity that is inherent in it. Attackers use a variety of tricks in their schemes, from the usual mailing of phishing emails at the time of the start of an ICO with their address and request to transfer money there (recently so they collected $ 1 million from imprudent potential investors BeeToken) to such complicated ones as extortion using Ransomeware (a virus that blocks many files on the victim’s computer and indicates the address where you can transfer money to unlock). According to Google, for two years this way scammers managed to raise $ 25 million.

Ransomeware extorters ask users who are willing to pay them, transfer money using anonymous browsers, and for this use the proxy service onion.top or onion.to. So according to the company dealing with cybersecurity, Proofpoint service onion.top was convicted of changing the address of extortionists to its own bitcoin – the unfortunate victim thought that he was paying extortionists, but they did not receive money, and therefore they did not remove the lock from their files. By results of researches it has been established, that thus employees оnion.top have collected from users $ 22 thousand.


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