Now customers can contact the support with a request to purchase a VPN with support for Lightning Network

TorGuard, one of the most popular providers of anonymization services on the network, announced the support of the Lightning Network technology. We emphasize that despite this, this news has not yet received an official release.

The company’s Twitter feed has a post claiming that now every client can go to the support with a request for a VPN acquisition supporting Lightning Network technology. One of the confirmations to this statement was a lot of laudatory posts on the popular resource Reddit, whose users noted that the company does respond quickly to the request for a VPN with Lightning and provides such a service without any problems.

Lightning Network itself is an extremely promising technology that allows you to reduce not only the costs of users of the Bitcoin network in transactions but also to process them almost instantly. Even though the technology has not yet received a full-scale release, large companies are already actively engaged in its integration into their services.

Recall in December, one of the high-profile news related to the Lightning Network was that its creator, Alex Bosutt completed the payment using Lightning in the network of mobile devices Bitrefill.


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