The company intends to use a maximum of technological capabilities of a blockchain in the games

The French company a game of creators of Ubisoft, perhaps, is known to everyone who at least once heard about computer games per se. But here hardly fans expected that parallel to the creation of the next part of Assassin’s Creed or Watch Dogs the company will begin to study the cryptocurrency industry.

Researchers from Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab with interest watch behind how promptly develop blockchain technology and are not going to watch this “train” leave. On the contrary – they are in a forceful mood to jump in it, having used a blockchain for enhancement of transfer of rights of property to digital objects. The Coindesk resource reported about it.

Lidvin Zauer, the head of Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab said that at them can the equivalent of Picasso, only in a digital form will appear. However, unlike the real Picasso, at digital it will be simply impossible to steal something. Besides, Zauer marked that having involved blockchain technology it will be possible to create digital collection objects which cannot be copied, and they for 100% will belong only them to owners. In other words, Ubisoft seriously thinks of the upgrade of protection of the rights for intellectual property by means of innovative software solutions.

For example, additions to games, known also as DLC – add-ons, new cards, characters, weapon and other “counters” can become such objects. However, Lidvin also emphasized that their plans are not restricted to only one DLC at all.

Ubisoft, not the first company the game of creators which became interested in the application of a blockchain in the production. Earlier there was already news that Brian Fargo, the CEO of inXile which created cult Fallout, Wasteland and Baldur’s Gate reported about the opening of Robot Cache – platforms with game distribution.


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