The US Marshals Service confirmed on Thursday that more than 3,600 bitcoins sold at an auction in January were successfully transferred to the five winning bidders.

The unknown winner received 1600 bitcoins (about $ 13.5 million), and today the agency confirmed by e-mail that the rest of the buyers received 500, 500, 200 and 813 bitcoins (for $ 4 million, $ 4 million, $ 1.6 million and $ 6.7 million), respectively.

With the exception of Riot Blockchain, who won one of two lots for 500 bitcoins, the names of the winners were not disclosed. Riot soon after their sale independently stated that it received 500 bitcoins.

It is worth noting that the agency sold for 100 bitcoins less than expected, which, he said, is due to unforeseen technical circumstances. Currently, the agency keeps these assets at home.

The agency already sold bitcoins from the auction in 2016 – then 2,700 bitcoins were sold for less than $ 2 million.

The agency first announced the last deal on January 11, while at the auction there were sold slightly more than 3,800 bitcoins worth about $ 54 million.

The day after the sale, the agency confirmed that it received 111 bids from 62 unique registered bidders. To register, each participant had to deposit $ 200,000 as a deposit and complete the registration process.

On the day of sale of bitcoins, on January 22, they cost about 42 million US dollars.


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