Store Micro Center solved the problem of deficiency of video cards in another way

One of the largest stores in the US, called Micro Center, like most other stores around the world, has increased the prices for video cards. However, here they made the decision to get rid of the deficit problem of “iron” in a slightly different way.

To get the video card at the best price to the buyer, you need to fulfill a couple of conditions. To start, in addition to it in the basket should be other components – the processor, motherboard, power supply and RAM. The second and last condition is to get the permission of the administrator of the particular store where the hardware will be bought.

The latter condition may seem very absurd, however, like the first, because what to do to those who just want to purchase a graphics card? That’s right, you’ll have to look for another store where you do not need to buy the whole computer right away or wait for some “approval” from the seller.

The store management noted that the size of the discount can be changed, but they also stated that the final price tag will be close to the price recommended by the manufacturer.

If you want to purchase only a video card, then the price on it can potentially exceed the recommended one by several times.

Some stores make an adequate step and simply limit the number of purchased goods. That is, on one hand, they release no more than two video cards. This approach is approved even by the component manufacturers themselves. Nvidia, for example, does not see anything wrong with this and emphasizes that they make their products for gamers, not for miners.

On the one hand, in this way to control the price of “hardware” there is nothing criminal, but on the other – how can you completely control those who just come to the store with friends, asking all of them to buy two video cards?

It turns out that one way or another all regulation is reserved for the conscience of each individual person.


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