Visa does not plan to support crypto-currency transactions

In an interview, Visa’s general director Alfred Kelly said that his company “does not plan to support transactions based on crypto-currency, and will limit itself to traditional ways of transferring money.” Answering the question about crypto-currencies and, in particular, about bitcoin, which was asked him on the 17th, Kelly explained that the volatile value of the asset absolutely does not leave him a chance to become part of the payment systems.

He also said that today “the cryptocurrency is only to some extent a property in which one can invest, and, frankly, this property for speculators.” At the moment, a very small number of merchants are still accepting payment in the cryptocurrency.

Despite price fluctuations, many Kriptonk enthusiasts predict that at least some digital assets can eventually become sufficiently stable in value to serve as a means of exchange, sometimes even optimistically announcing that these assets may someday destroy obsolete financial institutions. Other industry representatives believe that even if the cryptocurrencies ultimately beat traditional money, surpassing them in terms of use, the financial giants will find ways to stay afloat.


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