The Smart Package system is intended for tracing of location, delivery terms and contents supervision of sending

As reports Fintech Finance, on March 1st the Bureau on registration of patents and trademarks of the USA (USPTO) issued the request from the American giant retailer of Walmart for obtaining the patent for the Smart Package system (“Smart sending”).

The Smart Package system claiming for the patent turns on the tool on the basis of blockchain technology for tracing of contents of sending, external conditions, location and other details. The device described in the request is planned to be used in new technological development — independent vehicles and pilotless drones.

According to the request, the blockchain tool will write “key addresses on all way of delivery — the address of secret key of the seller, the address of secret key of the messenger, the address of secret key of the buyer”.

In the request for obtaining the Walmart patent, I marked the need for the development of the tool which would ensure “big safety on the delivery of loads”.

In the document, it is said that the existing instruments of tracing do not provide “desirable functionality” yet.

Fintech Finance reports that for the first time Walmart submitted the application for obtaining the patent for “Smart Package” in August 2017.

“Smart Package” — not the first example use of blockchain technology a network of the Walmart supermarkets. In November 2016 Walmart became the partner of IBM and began to use a blockchain for detection and elimination of defective goods from the list of products.

The blockchain technology is very popular among the logistics and expresses companies. The American corporation UPS began to use a blockchain, having joined to a blockchain consortium of Blockchain in Trucking Alliance (BiTA) in November 2017. Fintech Finance claims that in August 2017 the Singapore port operator PSA International concluded agreements with IBM for testing and development of a network of logistic chains on the basis of blockchain technology.

In the USA the publication of the normal request happens in 18 months prior to the earliest date of a priority. After the publication USPTO can use such patent application for a deviation of similar from other companies.


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