This news was shared by the financial director of the company Raj Agrawal

The crypto-currency community does not really like Ripple, but not to recognize the fact that this token with an enviable speed ranks first among the digital currencies in the most popular payment systems will be silly.

The giant of international transfers Western Union announced that it is testing the blockchain Ripple for financial transactions. This news was shared by the financial director of the company Raj Agrawal.

Unfortunately, he cannot talk more about cooperation and a new project, but the financial director assured the customers that the payment operator will take all the best that is in Ripple.

Recall that just the other day Ripple announced a partnership with the Middle East company UAE Exchange, whose main activity is the processing of payments. It is also worth remembering the cooperation between Ripple and MoneyGram.

Cryptocurrency continues to cause many doubts among market participants, and rumors that spoil the reputation of the company in the eyes of users on the network goes a lot. But, if the blockchain of this digital currency is ideal for most of the world-famous payment operators, this will have a positive effect on the blockchain scope and the attitude to crypto money in general.


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