The main cryptocurrency receive the most negative comments on Twitter

Crypto-currencies have now penetrated all social networks, but one of those where they are mentioned most often is Twitter. According to statistics, users often mention Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Waves in their posts. As for the negative, it is mostly poured on the head of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

The above results were obtained due to the analysis performed by a special bot, which was created by the analyst Crypto Watson. The results were published under the title Market Sentiment Helps Explain the Price of Bitcoin.

The figures are as follows: Bitcoin is mentioned on average about 3161 times in one hour, Waves – 1491 times, Ether – 1407 times, well, Ripple – 1030 times. Naturally, these indicators primarily depend on the amount of news related to a particular digital currency.

The analyst noted that his research makes it clear that the price for one token is the result of a balance between the supply and demand of both buyers and sellers and the structure of the market is highly influenced by it. In addition, he stressed that the structure of the market, in turn, affects the price. In other words, it turns out that these are interdependent things.

Negative feedback is also enough. Bitcoin accounts for a huge number – about 11.5%. Behind him goes the Ethereum with the index of 6.1%, Litecoin – 5.3% and one of the most popular forks – Bitcoin Cash – 4.6%. Most of the negative around digital currencies is concentrated on the least popular coins, which may be due to their promotion. After all, black PR is also PR, right? said that in the present conditions of cryptocurrency popularization, a constant analysis of the huge amount of incoming information is necessary, which led to the appearance of thousands of bots reporting the sharp jumps of a token or adding it to one of the exchanges, which is extremely convenient.


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