During the long period of correction, it seems what December $20,000 for bitcoin is the top price level for cryptocurrencies. But if attentively to study CoinMarketCap, then it is possible to find coins which are much more expensive.

Bit20 (BTWTY) — $874,038

The most expensive crypto asset on CoinMarketCap is a token of BTWTY which represents index fund of the BitShares exchange. He has included 20 coins bargaining at this exchange — the most perspective altcoins, except for Ripple. Creators have considered that Ripple isn’t really decentralized blockchain, and have excluded him from Bit20. the 21st day of every month of Bit20 starts an algorithm which recalculates the index, including in his new positions and recalculating a ratio of already existing. It is possible to buy a token share, but it is quite difficult procedure — there is an instruction.

Project-X (NANOX) — $282,268

The coin of Nanox is released in single number and bargains only at the Yobit exchange. At the same time, only a tiny part of an asset — 0.078264 NANOX is in circulation. Creators of the project keep anonymity, but some users consider that it was released by owners of Yobit.

42-coin $ (42) — 78,016

42-coin it is released with a limited circulation of 42 units. The coin bargains at the exchanges Cryptopia, Livecoin, Trade Satoshi. In 2014 42-coin cost 1197 BTC, or about $1 million.

BitBTC (BITBTC) — $11755

It is a derivative product on bitcoin which bargain on the BitShares platform. The cost of this asset is bound to bitcoin cost but can fluctuate as above, and low prices of the main cryptocurrency.

Russian Miner Coin (RMC) — $10725

Tokens of RMC are released in a limited number, about 1500 tokens are in circulation now. Similar tokens are issued for the internal community of investors where for them certain privileges rely on. The community Russian Miner Coin offers the exchange of RMC for the new development — the Multiclet processor on the chip of the same name which shall increase in tens of times efficiency of mining and also the miner of bitcoin of new generation under the Sunrise brand. At the same time, the command does not aim to quit on the world crypto exchanges yet and is engaged in the development of the project after receiving additional investments.

BT1 (CST) — $18,273

Despite a high nominal rate, BT1 (CST) have no capitalization and the trading volume that can puzzle the beginning crypto investors. Everything is simple: in this case, it is about one of two couples of trade futures issued by the Bitfinex exchange. The release of BT1 (CST) allowed traders of the exchange to speculate on potential activation of the SegWit2x protocol. The last operation on them, according to CoinMarketCap, took place on January 10, 2018.

Whether the ordinary crypto investor should deal with the most expensive cryptocurrencies? “To buy any of the listed tokens (except what have no trading volumes) perhaps at those exchanges where they are provided and it is possible to earn on them as well as on any other cryptocurrencies. For this purpose, it is worth paying attention to the analysis of the project and the general situation in the market. But at the same time risks of similar attachments, it is incomparable above, the price of such tokens with the limited issue often raises artificially throughout a long time. The effect of the growing asset, without the reasons, explicit on that, which attracts everything new and new investors is so created



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