The future a blockchain games for unicorns

What if you had own unicorn? What if you could not only have unicorns but also grow up them? Moreover, that if you could buy, sell and exchange them for cryptocurrency through the Ethereum network? These are questions which are asked of us by the project of a new unique game on the basis of a blockchain which will be soon launched under the name “UnicornGo”.

Project objective — to create the fascinating, innovative and amusing game intended to make available to all games on the basis of Ethereum and a blockchain. We will consider some details of this unique project and what developers of this project intend to make.

CryptoKitties is time to move

At the end of 2017, CryptoKitties blew up the Internet with their lovely game with the exchange of cats. Though this game, certainly, captured hearts of many, its software was not without errors. Some of these errors even led to the global deceleration of all Ethereum network.

After surging of the popularity of this game, there was so fast lowering of interest. While CryptoKitties was innovative at the time, it lacked contents, and the market became cluttered up because everything came down to almost unlimited resources.

UnicornGo, the new game connected to a blockchain plan to correct all this, having added the necessary depth and an intrigue to this concept. One of basic elements of design of a game consists that its principal resource which is ERC-20 token will be limited in quantity. Therefore market conditions in which a game will work shall be much more stable and, perhaps, even profitable.

UnicornGo: bases

UnicornGo — a game with augmented reality which is focused on cultivation, cultivation and trade in absolutely unique unicorns. Each unicorn has the peculiar features and attributes which can be transferred and changed through different breeding generations.

In addition to the digital genetic signs, each unicorn can also develop and change own market value thanks to the popularity of the Internet. Some certain unicorn will be more popular (for example, through likes, subscriptions, etc.), then its cost will be higher. The higher point can lead to higher cost potentially. Even it is quite possible what highly evaluated unicorns can become very much. They can become valuable in the same plan, as the well-known racehorses who are highly appreciated for their ability to bring forth a qualitative offspring or for the fact that they just have a family tree of the well-known line.

In a game, players begin with the purchase of one unicorn. Then players shall develop lines and characteristics of the unicorn by means of training and prudent use of game ERC-20 of currency.

Though a game did not begin yet, the project already attracted many active participants. The official channel of Telegram totals more than 25.000 subscribers, and Twitter of the project has more than 1.600 subscribers.

Candies or Candy Coin

Own currency of a game known as candies (Candies) or Candy Coins is what is used for the purchase of new unicorns and use in the development of a unicorn which is already owned by the player.

Now UnicornGo works in the pre-sale mode at a discount on the token cost. At this stage, Candy Coins are on sale on 0.00175 ETH everyone. Unlike many other projects, Unicorn Go PTE Ltd decided to refuse primary placement of tokens (ICO).

In total, the maximum amount of all tokens will equal to 12 million Candy Coins. This amount is much lower, than at many other cryptocurrency projects and was intentionally developed as a limited resource. According to the official blog of the project to begin development of the unicorn about 100 tokens of Candy Coins will be necessary.

UnicornGo command

UnicornGo is supported by a big command which has the considerable experience in the development area of the software and development of games. The most part of a command from Russia or other Russian-speaking regions, such as Belarus.

The command is headed by coauthors Vyacheslav Poskonin, Vitaly Kobranov and Vadim Alekseev. Three of them is graduates of different technical colleges in Eastern Europe, all of them have wealth of experience in software development and other technical skills.

As a command from the not English-speaking area, some of their marketing materials can seem unclear. However, their ideas are rather simple for understanding. Therefore, with a small inventory of patience, it will be simple to read their materials and to understand what they try to make. For those who are interested in the project certainly, it will be useful to look at the website of the project and its white paper.

Future blockchain games?

UnicornGo — not the first game with the use of technology of a blockchain. However, it is one of the most interesting examples of how this technology can be used for the creation of the decentral and flexible market of digital goods.

As the development of such tools as Meta Mask, allows to use more compound integration of Ethereum in the browser, we, most likely, will see even more projects of this kind in the next years. But it is possible to tell that UnicornGo is in the unique situation as it is one of the very first examples of such games.

While a game at first will be launched in browsers and will work with MetaMask, developers intend to transfer a game to mobile devices as soon as possible to satisfy the aspirations to augmented reality. Application programming can take some time as the infrastructure of a game can be not ready to it right after original start.

Despite it, UnicornGo will show most likely good results in case of the start as the project already acquired a devoted fan basis worldwide.


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