What is the transaction?

Concerning technology, a blockchain transaction can be defined as the operation of a state change of a blockchain or the signed data packet with data on how the status of a blockchain shall be changed. The model, a look, structure and forms of transactions completely depend on how and for what task the system is realized.

Transactions are the most important component in any blockchain. All component blockchain systems are directed to providing a possibility of the creation of transactions, their distribution on all network of a blockchain and confirmation with network nodes and also total switching on of legitimate transactions in units for the state change of the register, that is the data record of transactions in a blockchain.

The authenticity of each transaction is provided with the principles of use of the sign-code signatures corresponding to the addresses of participants of a network used in the transaction. Each transaction has the unique identifier and, in case of reviewing of open public blockchains, can be found in the observer of units for obtaining information about her by any user.