MoneroV will have limited issue

On March 14 there will be a hardfork of a blockchain of Monero which received the name MoneroV (XMV). The event happens on block 1 529 810. Holders of the Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency, this news not можен not to please how cannot but please with any of forks — this increase in assets “out of the blue”.

Users of Monero will receive new coins at the rate of 1 XMR to 10 XMV, but only if will keep the coins not at the exchange, and in a purse. So developers set upholders for about a month to wait for a little with the sale.

The principal difference of fork MoneroV from original cryptocurrency is the limited issue in 256 million coins. This idea very much was pleasant the user, and they already designate it take-off to the moon. MoneroV will also be safe and not traced if you want, “criminal” as it was already christened by media.

Developers MoneroV notes that are not sure on the subject of how the price of fork currency will change, but in a hardfork, they see the urgent need.

“What will be the MoneroV price in the nearest future is unknown to us, but its freedom attracts you as well as us?” — one of the creators playfully asked a rhetorical question.

It is known that representatives of MoneroV intend to implement in operation new protocols for a solution of the problem of scalability. Start with the first of them MimbleWimble is already planned for the end of 2019 in the roadmap of the project. And summer of this year the command is going to release GUI a purse.


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