What to expect from Kin’s cryptocurrency?

Kik Messenger popular in Canada released 4 years ago own Kin cryptocurrency which is applied by its users. The currency pleased them as coins can be received for advertising viewing, an involvement in groups, mining or even as an award in games.

The system of rewards Kin Rewards Engine is very honest, and as practice showed, users behave much more active when they know that coins can be earned, but not just to buy. Besides the purse for cryptocurrency is automatically built-in in the account of each user that allows them to have the minimum quantity of knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies to begin to use it.

The analytical CoinMarketCap resource added Kin at the end of September of last year from this point the cryptocurrency endured already stagnation to the middle of December, the take-off on unknown heights together with all market and falling till February 6 also with all market. Today one coin of Kin bargains at the level of $0,000294.

Analysts are sure that the currency is extremely underestimated — the low level of a capitalization (only $222 million) and the first precedent of support of cryptocurrency by the large company with a big name will give such essential pulse to the price that many representatives of crypto community will be stimulated to start talking about Kin. Experts also pay attention that low price is partially caused by the inability of Canadians to participate in the distribution of tokens. As Kik’s headquarters is in Canada, it was the especially strong shock at the start cost which skilled investors will be able to use.

At present developers are busy with adjustment of a possibility of conversion of cryptocurrency in other both digital and fiat currencies and also possibilities of cashing in. The most part of the auctions takes place at the Bancor Network exchange today, the couple of KIN/BNT bargain there. The token can be exchanged for ETH at the exchanges: Mercatox, IDEX, CoinFalcon, COSS, DDEX.


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