Your information costs money — this startup will help you to sell it

Last decade the Internet permanently developed and increased the audience from modest one billion users in 2005 to nearly four billion for the end of 2017. Every day billions of people log in on the most popular platforms, buy clothes, stir with friends, listen to music and watch movies.

With each click of the platform create more and more complete user profile which they can sell to advertisers for huge money.

How much is it? It depends on the platform, but the largest players in a pattern of digital advertising, Google and Facebook, in 2017 earned over $100 one billion on the sale of digital advertising. Though nearly a half of all sales in this sphere is the share of two of these platforms, other platforms divide among themselves $100 more one billion. To put it briefly, in this area big money is twisted.

Now, the single compensation which users receive for the incredibly valuable data — the free access to different social nets. However an opportunity to scroll a news feed of Facebook without any payment — not really honest reward. Today the blockchain technology and the Wibson platform decided to suggest users a method to use the information and to sell it to advertisers in the decentral market.

Implementation of Wibson

Headed by the executive director — Mathias Travizano, the Wibson company provides the infrastructure for individuals allowing them safely and to anonymously sell the data to advertisers. Wibson checks information, therefore, advertisers have an additional incentive to participate in the market.

The Wibson company is based on four main principles: transparency, anonymity, justice and monitoring. Unlike the current situation between online customers and advertisers, Wibson provides to users complete the report on how their data are used and on sale. Besides, using the simple market with supply and demand, Wibson allows users to sell the information and to earn the honest reward for this valuable resource.


Among recent and future ICO there are several platforms on the basis of blockchain technology which aim to change the relations of data users. However, only the Wibson company suggests capitalizing this information. The process is surprisingly simple.

According to the basic principles Wibson protects data of the user, doing once aggressive and confidential practice confidential and controlled. It allows users to earn the information and as Wibson uses blockchain technology, the platform is protected from the DDoS-attacks which were a serious problem of the centralized platforms and compromised huge data volume of users. The combination of honest reward and safety does the Wibson platform by the very attractive project.


According to estimates — data of one user cost about $240 a year. However, this amount can be much higher.

On the platform, there are no restrictions for user data and advertisers. The Wibson platform is open for all who want to capitalize the data. Besides, as today and so practically everyone provides these data without any compensating, it will be useful to study how such information can be sold by means of Wibson.

How to join?

On February 27 the Wibson company held a meeting on a case of schedulable start in Barcelona. Those who want to track start of the platform online can subscribe to the Alpha list of the company.

The market for data is already huge. It consists of each click, viewing and a phrase which we face online. Unfortunately, the current situation is favourable to platforms and advertisers but does not consider the interests of the most important group of all — the users providing the data. Changing such situation, Wibson returns to the user of his power and does all process safe, easily traced and generally available. It is possible to tell that this embodiment of the Internet controlled by justice and laws of the market, but not greed and privacy.


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