Competitors of CryptoKitties: four games that breathe draft into the back

Some people just do not understand digital kittens.

When a large, decentralized Etherum application is gaining popularity, when it develops its own token and trades a lot of people, it automatically signals competition for CryptoKitties. There are games on the subject of zombies, politics and even the world of show business: now games on the blockchain are creating for their tokens entire markets. According to DappRadar, for example, this week in games based on the blockchain, a turnover of $ 10 million was recorded in the form of Ethereum tokens. Yuri Mathias, the developer of Embark, a tool for creating blockchain games, even said on Twitter that “2017 was the year of the ICO on the basis of the Ethereum, and 2018 will be the year of creating computer games on this platform.”

Probably, this should not be surprised, because traded in-game values are worth a lot of money. For example, the most expensive kittens from CryptoKitties today cost about 100 000 ETH, or 93 million dollars at today’s prices. As CoinDesk said Simon Powell, the creator of one of the most notorious games of CryptCountries, “the industry is in the stage of the craze for games.” And although CryptoKitties still holds the first place in terms of the number of transactions, its positions have weakened noticeably since the December peak. In early February, some of the competitors already boast more impressive prospects.

Below is a list of popular games that CryptoKitties should beware of.


Convenient interface and the potential for monetization for today put this in the first place of our list. This game, offering “to taste world domination on the blockchain”, allows users to purchase countries on a digital map in the manner of the classic board game Risk. If another user offers a higher price for the country, he buys it, and the price difference goes to the current owner. Only last week 35,768 Ethereum tokens passed through the gaming market (compare with 1551 in CryptoKitties).

For today, the most expensive country is Japan, which will cost the buyer 709 ETH or 658,508 dollars at the current rate. When the creator of the game, Simon Powell, was asked what causes interest in CryptCountries, he replied:

“Interest is the same thing that fueled him to the Internet at the dawn of becoming – just this innovation, a fresh whiff. Before us is a new game concept, made possible by the blockchain Ethereum. “

Crypto-All Stars

Although while the game takes second place in terms of investments, in the future it is expected that it will become a hit because tweets from celebrities are already available.

“Now I’m part of the financial bubble,” Nawal Ravissant, the founder of AngelList, said on Twitter when he saw that his All-Star digital card was trading at 28 ETH, or $ 26,152. He was supported by Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, ironically advising on Twitter “to move from CryptoKitties to Crypto-All Stars, a new way to clog the history of the blockchain of the Ethereum.” Lee, whose card is already in the game for 25 thousand dollars (according to CoinMarketCap), may not be wrong. Soon after the launch, the game attracted 1,866 Ethereum tokens from the players – which is not bad, because the platform is still in beta.

Crypto-All Stars works the same way as CryptCountries: players buy each other’s celebrity cards at a continuous auction. If the user can confirm himself as one of the card characters, he receives 50% of all fees received from reselling his card. Charlie Lee, for example, announced his intention to transfer to the Litecoin Foundation 4% of all such receipts.


“It was 2020, and Crypto-All Stars users went to war with CryptoCelebrities players,” CryptoPunks wrote in a tweet, joking at the feud between games that uninitiated people would probably find amusing.

Like Crypto-All Stars, CryptoCelebrities allows you to trade celebrities, but unlike a competitor, not just from the cryptographic industry. Leonardo DiCaprio, Vladimir Putin … if you can remember the name, it means that CryptoCelebrities has already recorded it for the blockchain.

Although in the CryptoCelebrities range is clearly wider, the price of the assets of the game is not so high. For today, the card of the creator of the Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, is fighting for the place of the most valuable asset, dividing this title with the cards of Donald Trump and Elon Musk: the price for them is $ 142,047. The second place is held by the bitcoin creator under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto: his card will cost $ 116,030.

It’s worth noting that CryptoCelebrities is not exactly the same as competitors: the game strictly controls the increase in the cost of the card so that with each new purchase the price increases gradually.


EtherBots, probably the closest to the CryptoKitties principle, recently finished pre-selling its tokens three days ahead of schedule, and temporarily outrun CryptoKitties by the number of transactions.

The game allows users to purchase “boxes” with which you can create cute customizable robots, and then sell or buy them on the in-game market. EtherBots adds elements of the game to the game, giving players battle with other users’ bots in tournaments and fights – many believe that this will make the game more popular than others.

The volume of pre-sale press releases amounted to more than a million dollars, giving players access to cheap materials and some special features, including exclusive access to thematic details of robots based on Lamborghini products. The company-developer reports that next month its tokens will appear on the stock exchange of in-game assets OPSkin. The game itself will be launched on Wednesday, February 21, at 10 pm Pacific Time.

The website of the team of creators says: “See you on the Moon!”


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